Sunday, July 10, 2011

Critique Clinic: Makeover and Thank You

I submitted one of my cards to GCU's Critique Clinic on Friday. If you haven't checked out this wonderful provision, you should think about stopping by. I've received quality help from experienced artists and am so happy to feel myself grow in this industry because of their support.

Makeovers - Before & After:

Encouragement - Need A Hug? - Siamese Kitten Greeting Card

I want to send a big "Thank You" to the following artists:


  1. Thank you for the shout-out! I'm glad you are enjoying the critique process and I LOVE your photography!

  2. Thank you from me, too, Tracie!! Also, I'm on Twitter now (ilovecuttables) and I'm following you. :) I tried to tweet you a message but it says you don't accept messages from twitterers that you don't follow.